It’s the season again where the nice and warm weather will welcome millions of travelers back to the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. This is the time of year when we all like to get outside and soak up the sunshine while we can. Our National Park is such a desired area to check out and it helps that most visitors can actually be here within a day’s drive. With so many things to do, you never want to leave the Smokies! Camping and glamping have been taking our charming town by storm and we can definitely understand why. Nothing beats getting to see the incredible scenery from a more up close and personal view. While camping has been such a well known activity for so long, glamping has started to become just as popular lately. If you have never heard of glamping before, it’s exactly what it sounds like – glamorous camping! Some may argue that glamping is the same thing as just staying in a luxury resort, but maybe reading this will change your mind. Each of them have their own perks and it’s understandable why both have become such a staple when traveling to new places. Which one is more for you? Let’s find out as we look at Camping Vs. Glamping!


Sometimes all we’re looking for on a getaway is being able to unplug for a bit. We rely so much on technology these days, but it’s nice to be able to take a break from the norm. If you’re wanting to get away from the crowds, this is the best way to do it. There’s something to be said about putting up a tent all by yourself and it feels like an accomplishment in the end. Getting to see all the beautiful scenery surrounding you makes it all worthwhile. While it’s nice to get to see a pretty view from a balcony, it’s a whole different ball park when you get to see it up close, it’ll take your breath away. Seeing a sunrise from a campsite is unlike anything else and can’t even be described in words. You get to enjoy seeing the colors dancing around the sky and hearing all of the animals singing their usual morning songs. You don’t have to drive around for your daily activities, they’re all there right in front of you. Fishing, hiking, and more can all be checked off your list. Getting to be outdoors when it’s beautiful weather out is something we crave after our usual hectic schedules. Spending the night in the great outdoors is just as special as the morning. You get to cook up some delicious camp food like hot dogs, baked beans, and more. We also know that making s’mores is a staple, am I right?! Sitting around a campfire with our loved ones always makes for such a memorable time. Add watching the sunset to the list and you have a camping adventure that you’re sure to never forget. If it’s the right time of year, make sure to keep an eye out for fireflies. We hope that doing some camping is on your list this Summer!


This particular style of camping has been taking the world by storm. While this is still new to some, it’s going to keep getting more and more popular as time goes on. Not all of us have jobs that allow us to truly “unplug” for long amounts of time. We still want to experience all the thrills of the outdoors, but we need something a little more suitable to our daily lifestyle to enjoy. We want to still feel like we’re on vacation while having some of the comforts of home as well. If you aren’t familiar with glamping, it’s when modern camping meets luxury. You’re still outdoors taking in the beautiful scenery, but you have more glamorous accommodations. While it isn’t exactly staying in an RV or at a resort, it still has the feeling of doing so. Glamping involves using tents that have the modern fixtures like bathrooms, kitchens, beds, electricity and more. Some even use something called yurts which are like tents but have an actual structure to them. I have seen some truly beautiful glamping tents and it’s amazing how it can still give you the feeling of camping but have those usual essentials needed to feel like you’re at your home away from home. People have gone all out with some of them and if you’ve never been glamping before, we really do recommend giving it a try! You can still enjoy a campfire, outdoor activities, sunrises and sunsets and everything else you’ll find on a regular camping expedition. So what do you think? Are you ready to go on your very own glamping adventure?

 The Ridge Outdoor Resort

Located at 1250 Middle Creek Road in Pigeon Forge, this new outdoor resort that is partially opening Memorial Day weekend is going to absolutely take your breath away. Trust us when we say, this will be unlike any other one you’ve stayed at before. From incredible and spacious RV sites to luxury tents and tiny home camping cabins setups, they are going to provide a little something for everyone to enjoy when it’s time for your getaway. The glamping tents are so luxurious and beautiful and we can’t wait to see them for ourselves. Want to hear a few more surprises? You can even bring the fur babies as there will be a dog park for them to get their exercise. The amenities are fantastic and  include a fitness room, event center, meeting rooms, an upscale pool, pickle-ball and basketball court, and more. When staying here, you will get the feeling of being in the mountains, but you’re still just minutes away from popular places in town like Dollywood. If you’re ready to give glamping a try, this is exactly where you’ll want to stay!

We hope you enjoyed learning about Camping Vs. Glamping! Both provide a wonderful experience and no matter which you one prefer, you can’t go wrong. Getting to spend some time outdoors is exactly what we’re craving after dealing with our usual daily hustle and bustle. It’s nice to get to relax and unwind when on vacation and you will definitely be able to do so at The Ridge Outdoor Resort in Pigeon Forge! 


We hope that your Summer will get to include a little bit of both of these and we’re anxiously waiting to hear who will win the friendly Camping Vs. Glamping debate. We can’t wait to see you all again soon for some fun in the sun!